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Treating Varicose Veins since 1998

People with varicose veins often disregard the danger created by them because varicose veins used to be thought of as a cosmetic defect, and not as a medical condition. Today we know that untreated varicose veins can lead to secondary conditions such as hemorrhages, vein phlebitis, thrombophlebitis, dermatitis and leg ulcers.

Varicose veins can cause an illness with serious consequences and can change the life of a patient, even if they develop very slowly or gradually or they can be hardly seen.

At International Vein & Skin Institute, we understand need for consistent, effective* and professional care for unsightly varicose veins, painful swollen legs, lower extremity ulcers, chronic venous insufficiency, dermatitis, lymphedema and unrested legs that keep you awake at night.

Our physician Dr. Jozef Tryzno/ MD, RVT personally conducts all initial venous ultrasound evaluations to fully assess the extent of patient's condition; after all he will be the one who guides the needle or catheter into your vein, he will be the only one who performs the surgery.

In today's modern medicine ultrasounds are the ears and eyes of a vein doctor.

The earlier the treatment of varicose veins starts, the better. Today there are two methods of treating varicose veins:

  • The first is a non-invasive method, the so-called "conservative method." Wearing gradual compression stockings, walking, and raising your legs during sitting.
  • The second one is a "corrective method" such as EVLA, ambulatory phlebectomy or ultrasound guided sclerotherapy. In many cases, combinations of all of these methods are used.

No varicose vein after it has already developed will go away by itself. Not all varicose veins will be visible on leg surface. Many patients will develop symptoms long before seeing bulging venison their legs.

In many circumstances your symptoms might be a result of multiple origins and that is why it is crucial to establish proper diagnosis and develop a comprehensive treatment plan.

We offer on-site diagnostic ultrasound and immediate test results.

We encourage you to demand from your treating physician's to personally perform initial ultrasound vein evaluation; after all your vein physician will have to guide the needle or catheter into your vein.

* Every patient is unique, therefore cosmetic results can vary between patients. No two laser treatments will get same results – even if performed by same physician on patients with similar conditions.

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