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Scars are the natural progression of acne

We need to take into consideration two factors: color and texture.

Color: Redness is what you mostly see when you take a closer look at teenagers with acne or acne scars. In our Skin Care Clinic we have demonstrated on multiple occasions that patient satisfaction can be achieved just by reduction of redness iself.

Texture: Any attempt of skin resurfacing with ablative laser in order to improve skin texture should be avoided in patients with active acne present as it will cause the aggravation of the existing condition.

Steps to be taken

1. Take care of your active acne. This might be done with the use of pharmaceuticals, a combination of prescription drugs with incision and drainage of lesions, a series of treatments by broadband light sources like AFT /IPL that will cause reduction, photodynamic therapy (PDT) or combination of any of these methods. Your provider will develop treatment plan during first evaluation.

2. Reduce redness. Redness reduction is a social life saver for most of patient population.

3. Improve skin texture by laser skin resurfacing and collagen remodeling. There are several fractional, non-fractional, ablative, and non-ablative lasers available at our Skin Care Clinic that can be safely used on various skin types.

Each patient is different, might require different combination of modalities. Some "acne" patients visiting our clinic for the first time enter unaware that they have bacterial skin infections, polymorphic light eruptions or even skin allergies while acne isn't even on their diagnosis list.

As always, it is crucial to properly diagnose patient before recommending any laser or pharmacologic treatment.

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Disclaimer: Every patient is unique; therefore cosmetic results can vary between patients. No two laser treatments will get same results – even if performed by same physician on patients with similar conditions.

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