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Specializing in Laser Assisted Dermatologic Surgery

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Did you know that in our clinic we don’t use traditional scalpels?

CO2 Laser incision, excision, ablation, vaporization and coagulation are used widely in dermatology, plastic surgery, oral, general surgeries and many others.

Since 1998 we have been successfully utilizing CO2 lasers in almost all skin surgeries.

From our extensive experience with use of CO2 laser in dermatologic surgeries and procedures, using a highly focused laser beam, brings less post – operative discomfort and a significantly decreased amount of bleeding during procedure itself, resulting in very precise and clean cuts through your skin, which significantly helps with the appearance* of a post excision scar.

CO2 laser excisions are not for beginners. Operating laser requires skills that you can only gain through years of experience.

It is important to understand that final outcome after CO2 laser procedure is also a patient-dependent process.

  • Following post-operative instructions is extremely important in the first few weeks after your procedure
  • Remember that your healing wound is going to be extremely sensitive to muscle movement. For example: if you had an excision on your calf stay away from bicycling, running, squatting… Post excision sutures are strong and with excessive muscle tension they will slice through your tissue causing wound to rupture along a surgical incision.
  • Avoiding constant irritation for a fresh scar is crucial in later stages of healing. Please remember it might take from 3 -6 months for skin heal and regenerate.

Finally, no matter what procedure you had, whether a laser or scalpel was used for the excision, it is important to acknowledge that kids, teenagers and your adults are at very high risk of keloid scarring.

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Disclaimer: Every patient is unique; therefore cosmetic results can vary between patients. No two laser treatments will get same results – even if performed by same physician on patients with similar conditions.

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